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In class we talked about different ways to present the video of the ferromagnetic materials. Putting it together like an abstract documentary seems like a good idea to me. So now I have to edit things, UHGG! Haha well in preparation for this I have done a bit of  research.

I watched a few episodes of The Blue Planet and Wild Ocean.

I also read some articles for tips on documentary making/editing. Some Notes:

  • You still need a conventional story arc: start, tension, resolution.
  • Adding stills with camera moves.
  • Be true to the point of view.
  • Tell the truth and portray the beauty of the subject.
  • “Look for and collect those magic moments of truth and beauty” (VideoUniversity).
  • Include little things to make it interesting.
  • Sometimes cuts aren’t as good if you need to put in a different and more interesting shot.
  • Good sound and color grading can go a long way for finishing touches.


I think for me this will be mostly an exercise in picking interesting clips and leveraging continuity to create a compelling video. Also color correction!


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