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More experiments with trapping the ferromagnetic material! This time entails more silicone sealant and also hot glue and elmer’s glue

The hot glue ended up being a little easier to deal with than the silicone. I went from having to wait hours for the object to set so I can be removed from the influence of the magnet, I only have to wait a few minutes for the hot glue to cool. Faster iterations makes it easier to try slight differences in methods for particle dropping and glue spreading.

It seemed it was a little easier for the dust to penetrate into the hot glue than the caulk. I was able to get lots of nice streaks as the dust particles embedded themselves in the glue. But they set very quickly. I would like to try something that takes a little bit longer, like was or resin.

The elmer’s glue looks pretty gross. It dissolved some of the rust so now it has a red/green tinge. It is also proved really difficult to get off of the aluminum sheet. I don’t think I will continue with the Elmer’s glue.


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