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Concept 1: Video

So initial plan was to make a visually appealing video of Ferrofluids doing interesting things. Try out different sizes of particles, and try different methods on creating the ferrofluid, and try mixing with a variety of other materials to see if it creates any interesting textures or motions. The one with soap bubbles has a very interesting effect. I also find some beautiful works mixed with water color. Such a wonderful effect, but many examples all seem to be static. Phil suggested I capitalize on the addition of motion to the watercolor mixture. Additionally, to differentiate my work from previous work I may do: play with scale / fool with scale / magnification, play with speed / time, play with orientation and gravity.

Ultimately this would be an exploration of the material and how it interacts with magnetic fields and other materials (with a visually appealing video when all is said and done).

Concept 2: Artifacts

After talking and brainstorming with several people I was also thinking I may want to make little objects instead of creating a video. This would still be an exploration of the material and its interactions with other materials. I would use a variety of suspending mediums to try and capture a the patterns created by the ferromagnetic material/ ferrofluid. Additionally try combining other materials like watercolor.

Also I could move the magnet will it is setting to create even more nonstandard patterns. the magnet motion would be programatically controlled to either move or spin. The pattern used to control the magnet could be displayed along with the artifact.

Potential suspending mediums include wax, silicone, resin, epoxy, and elmers glue. Each has its own unique characteristics that would be interesting to play around with. It also might be cool to backlight the objects since some of the materials are translucent and would have really nice subsurface scattering.

The end result of this avenue would be a series of objects on display perhaps with other relevent information on the particular settings for that object ( eg pattern for magnet motion or types of material).


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