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I really like this. It’s so colorful and pretty! The video below shows a bit on how it was made. Basically, you take the ferrofluid and add watercolors, one color at a time with some sort of straw. Since you are adding one color, it naturally forms compartments for approximately each color.

Below is another demo of the Ferrofluid plus paint thing.

Ferrofluid in a bottle! Just a nice way to display it. it makes nice shapes.

Kickstarter: Ferrocious

This kickstarter features a Ferrofluid in a tube that reacts to music (or just noise). Interesting interaction.


nail polish –

This nail polish by Lancome called Le Magnetique is ferromagnetic.  You put a magnet near it before it dries on your nail, then it keeps the cool pattern that is made after it dries.

AND NOW finally this guy. He seems to be regularly commisioned to build ferrofluid displays at museums and such. Pictures on his Blog:

The pictures I posted of the ferrofluid at the museum I believe are a duplicate exhibit of one that he designed.


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