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Cliff / Hill Modeling

Start with an L-System. Transfer attributes to a grid to be used as a height map. Displace the geometry according to the height map. Denote which regions will be have trees, be part of the cliff, or be grassy field. Chop off the excess plane at the bottom. This becomes the low poly geo used elsewhere. Subdivide to smooth it out. Do special displacement to create the cliffs. Keep in mind mild stratification and plateauing according to the cliff slope vector.

Stylized Cliff Render Elements

For the vertical definition lines, first bring in the low poly geo. Extract the faces that are meant to be part of the cliff. Scatter points across the cliff faces. Copy planes to the points. Make sure there are oriented according to the normal of the cliff and the cliff slope vector. intersect (cookie) the planes with the high poly geo. Finally give the lines properties such as color and line width.

Now for the more horizontal definition points. Start with the high poly geo and find the faces most corresponding with the cliff slope vector. Scatter points across those faces that are also denoted as part of the cliff. Add color and size properties. Put it all together!

Forested Flatlands Modeling

Start with an L-system with metaballs copied to its frame. Scatter points across a plane and determine which points are inside the L-system volume. Delete those points. We are trying to create a clearing. Assign each point a random size in a range. Calculate the distance from each point to the L-system volume and clamp the size with that value. Copy flattend spheres to each point. Transfer the attributes of the flattened spheres to a grid to determine where the trees go and how tall they will be. Cut the shape of the hill out of the plane so we wont get any trees under the hill. Color it green! This gets output for use at the ground plane. Scatter points across the plane. Also color according to distance from the camera. This is for atmospheric perspective. These points get passed to the tree generators for tree placement.


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